Build A Blog Using Jekyll And Deploy To Github Pages And Set Custom Domain

I recently decided to start a blog. I had used Wordpress in the past, so I knew I could get my blog up and running quickly using Wordpress. I was also slightly familiar with Jekyll. D...

In Jekyll, Jun 29, 2020

Data Scientist vs Data Engineer vs Data Analyst vs Data Architect

Each stakeholder has a clear role to play for a business problem right from understanding the essentials of the problem, proper planning, implementation of the project, analyzing the ...

In Data Science, Jul 03, 2021

🧰 50 Developer tools to make your life a little easier

Fifty (plus) applications, chrome extensions, web apps, and everything in between that will hopefully come in handy at some point in your programming life. I will keep updated as new ...

In Web Development, Tools, Jul 31, 2020

Free HOSTING sites with Instructions

Getting your website deployed is probably the first thing you want to do and with these 5 sites, you can do it in just minutes.

In Web Development, Hosting, Jul 14, 2020

Current tools against state's Internet-blocking for censorship

There is a resurgence of draconian State blocking/slowdowns of Internet in Turkey, Egypt, Iraq and elsewhere, with Iraq at the time of writing passing the 104th hour of blackout due t...

In VPN, Jul 05, 2020