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Free HOSTING sites with Instructions

Getting your website deployed is probably the first thing you want to do and with these 5 sites, you can do it in just minutes.

In Web Development, Hosting, Jul 14, 2020

Projects To Complete When Learning Web Development

If you’re intermediate beginner web developer, you have probably run into the wall. The basic tutorials are too easy now. But it’s hard to figure out what to code.

In Web Development, Jul 13, 2020

Deploy a website using Firebase Hosting

There’s a lot of options cheap or even free in the market to deploy our projects. One of these and my favorite is the Firebase Hosting, a service of Google.

In Firebase, Hosting, Jul 13, 2020

How To Create A GitHub Profile README

GitHub recently released a feature that allows users to create a profile-level README to display prominently on their GitHub profile. This article walksthrough how to access this new ...

In Github, Jul 12, 2020

Current tools against state's Internet-blocking for censorship

There is a resurgence of draconian State blocking/slowdowns of Internet in Turkey, Egypt, Iraq and elsewhere, with Iraq at the time of writing passing the 104th hour of blackout due t...

In VPN, Jul 05, 2020

How to install Flutter

Select the operating system on which you are installing Flutter:windows MacOS Linux

In Flutter, Jul 01, 2020

Jekyll Minima Theme - A Few Settings

This post is a follow-up of my earlier post about building a jekyll site.

In Jekyll, Jun 30, 2020

Customizing A Jekyll Theme Layout

After I started a blog, as described in this post, I felt it would be cool to convert the author name shown on top of each post to a link to the about page. This was a minor change, b...

In Jekyll, Jun 30, 2020

Build A Blog Using Jekyll And Deploy To Github Pages And Set Custom Domain

I recently decided to start a blog. I had used Wordpress in the past, so I knew I could get my blog up and running quickly using Wordpress. I was also slightly familiar with Jekyll. D...

In Jekyll, Jun 29, 2020